What is the best Motherboard for my hardware?

My xfx 790i ultra just gave up the ghost!
After a year of hardlocks and freezes and constant serching the net for a fix, it shall not return!
So im in need for a new motherboard other than the 790i for my preasent hardware.

My hardware at preasent is;

Power Supply- Corsair 1000HX
Processor- Intel Q9550
Graphics- EVGA GTX 285, x2 for SLI
Memmory- Patriot Viper Extream DDR3 1333LL, 8 gigs
Hardrive- Western Digital 500 gig SATA, x2 for raid 0
3 1/2" floppy

As the list shows, I need LGA775, SLI, Raid, SATA, IDE and DDR3 caplable board and that seems hard to find besides the 790i!
The floppy can be optional, I can do without.

Budget is no problem.

Any Ideas or suggestions for a Motherboard?

Thanks; Leslie
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  1. Since budget is not a problem, I suggest that you switch to a Core i5 / Core i7 CPU and a stable motherboard that's certified to work with your RAM. You could look for a socket 1156 motherboard like the ASUS P7P55D http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131407 or a similar motherboard. You could also look into socket 1366 motherboards.
  2. True, I am thinking thinking about an i7 940.
    Ill give it more study.

    Thanks GhislainG

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