Found 2 HDDs in HP Laptop How to set up?

Novice/intermediate and first forum post. I was handed down a HP dv 9000 with (2)100 gig 7200 rpm internal hard drives. Drive one is full with OS (Vista Pro SP1), apps, data, and restore. Drive 2 is completely empty. Drive 1 spinning up and down all the time now and comp locking up sometimes. Would like to move data to drive 2 and all default folders. 32bit sys, 2gig ram, using ext. 2.5" 500gig HDD and enclosure for back ups and bootable image. Any thoughts on best set up for filing sys, convenience, speed and efficiency would be appreciated.
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  1. I would recommend replacing the Drive 1. If it started failing now, backup the data off of it before it's too late, then replace it. You could use a HDD mirroring program to make a copy of Drive 1 and then install that in your PC. After that, I would recommend doing a system restore that will reformat the OS partition and restore the PC in a factory-clean state.Then you can re-install all the apps/data that you did back-up initially from Drive1.
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