Can't keep my 1090t cool SUGO case

I need to know what to do to keep my cpu, AMD 1090t, from overheating. I bought the NT06-E CPU cooler, because I thought it would be the "best cooler" to go into the Silverstone SUGO SG02F case, and I have to constantly worry about the temps in the unit. I have a SG02F case, NT06-E CPU cooler, Corsair 650TX Power Supply, Gigayte GA-880GM-UD2H (rev. 1.3) Motherboard, AMD 1090T CPU, Diamond HD 6850 GPU, and Kingston Ram HyperX Ram.

I added a seal between the cooler and the bottom of the power supply to better pull air thru the heatsink. I care about noise a little, I don't care if the computer gets loud for a few minutes, but I don't want it to be a hair dryer 24/7.
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  1. wrong case for your config... all high heat generators and you have a case with possible three 80mm fans... its not going to suffice without getting loud... even full speed may not be sufficient... better option could have been SG04-F...
  2. ^ This x10.

    You have an incredible airflow problem, my friend.

    Airflow...Or, should I say...lack thereof.
  3. Would adding Silverstone's FX121 on the back help my situation?

    I was also going to purchase two Cooler Master fans, with a variable RPM thermo control.
  4. Doubtful.

    You are likely going to need to re-think the case. Either modding to allow more airflow/fans/vents or getting a different case.

    120mm fans are the defacto fan size now...with that moving toward 140mm-200mm depending on application. 80mm fans just don't really cut it anymore, unless they are used in a specific application with already good airflow.
  5. Well I could add a 120mm fan on the bottom of the cpu cooler. Scythe make 12mm fans, and I was trying to get a hold of the PWM fan they make for there low profile unit. Could I just get a better CPU cooler? I have 82mm of head room.

    If I am going to buy another case I want on with freaking room for a better CPU fan.

    EDIT: Anyway with the 80mms fan they are on the other side f the case that with the video card block the airflow to the CPU.
  6. Adding a fan to your cooler wouldn't make much need to get cool air in and warm air out for that to benefit much.
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