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I have been trying to install a sound driver to my asian Sony Vaio after I installed new Windows XP Pro, however it resulted in semi-crash. As soon as I try to play a sound including a Windows opening track, it becomes freezed in few seconds and computer becomes locked. After I uninstall the driver, it becomes ok again. I suspect that devices stack for some reason. Any ideas/suggestions for this problem? Btw I have SigmaTel Soundcard and vaio model is VGN-SZ15LP. Thank you!
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  1. After I try to install in safe mode, the installer wanted a sthda.sys which I couldn't find. I searched the web and they said it was supposed to be at system32 file at Windows folder. It was not there. Any ideas how I can get it? I believe this will solve my problem.
  2. You need the SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec. I don't think it works without it...
  3. I tried it. The problem is;

    if the driver is installed(correct one) ===> cpu works at %90+ rate and No Sound
    if the driver is not installed =========> cpu works at normal rate and still no sound.

    Audio Device is forcing CPU to work at veeery high rates if the driver is installed. Any ideas about it?
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