GTX285 2gb SLI memory usage

Well check this link

SO my question is purely out of curiosity not that I can afford this but
could two these monsters benefit from the extra memory in SLI

No real reason just looking for facts .... damn an educated guess will do

so what do you think

honestly I doubt it but I gotta ask the informed

oh yeah my system

duron 1.2ghz
ecs p7 ....piece of sh!t
gf 6200le 256 MB "PCI" 64 bit
768 MB ram 333mhz
xp home stripped down themes
lcd 1024 X 768 so I can play war hammer 40K
logitech 540 surround
logitch x110 wirelesss key/M
external samsung DVD burner
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  1. In SLI, it might actually prove useful to have the extra memory. With a single card, I very much doubt they can ever use even 1.1Gb in playable situations, but with two.... maybe at 2560x1600 with 8xAA...and 30FPS.
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