Is the Core i7 windows vista 64 bit compatible?

Hey all,

I'm just getting done building my new computer and I have the i7 920 processor in there with 6 gb of RAM. I just wanted to know if the core i7 is a processor that can use a 64 bit version of windows vista instead of the regular 32 bit. Thanks in advance for the help
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  1. Yes, it certainly does. In fact, with 6 gb of RAM, you will HAVE to have it.
    Either that, or get rid of 2 gig of your memory, 32 bit Vista will only support 4 gig.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I don't want to really get rid of 2 gigs of ram so I think i'll just go with the 64 bit OS thanks again for the help
  3. i would have expected to sooner see a thread asking if it supports 32 bit windows, it can support up to 24gb of ram wat do u think
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