What is the performance loss on putting an AM3 CPU on a AM2+ Mobo?

Title says it all really. Just how severe is the difference between using an AM2+ Socket Mobo instead of an AM3 Socket only Mobo?
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    None for the processor.

    AM3 boards will normally use DDR3 RAM, AM2+ use DDR2. So you can put faster RAM on a AM3 board - would recommend 1333 regardless of options.

    That's how I understand it.
  2. Ah, excellent. I was planning on using DDR2 anyway, as it is far cheaper and the performance difference is not worth the extra cost :D
  3. I am running an AM3 CPU on an AM2+ with PC6400 DDR 2 RAM.

    Phenomenal performance. Go for it!
  4. so wait can you use ddr 2 memory with amd3 cpu on a amd2+board?
  5. Yes...

    AMD2+ = DDR2

    AMD3 = DDR3

    Same CPUs for both.

    As far as I can see, an AM2+/AM3 is the same as an AM2+ motherboard. That is, all AM2+'s can use AM3 CPUs. The only difference is what type of RAM. And some chipsets allow different max RAM speeds.
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