Safe overclock settings for i7 2600K?

I was able to OC my 2600K manually to 4.5 ghz and now to 4.6 ghz and even get a better voltage than my 4.4 on Auto was giving me. Just tested it today through numerous Intel Burn test runs on Standard and Maximum maybe 10-15 minutes each, Prime 95 for a 'quick' almost 3 hours, and all appears stable with temps maxing out at 75 C, Vcore 1.296v

I have the Asrock P67 4Extreme mobo and these are the settings I changed

Multiplier to 46X
Vcore on Offset +0.25v

and Short Duration Power limit to 200 watts and Long Duration Power limit to 200w also. Everything else is on Auto

Are these safe settings, especially the Long & Short duration wattage limits? Changing them from Auto really helped stabilize the frequency at 4.5-4.6 ghz. I was reading a long guide for a review of my board and these were only mentioned as being increased to 250w each when they went for their 4.8 overclock

Also, is it okay to leave CPU PLL voltage on Auto or should that be changed manually too?

Thanks much
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  1. This is the page where they set the Long & Short duration power limits. I'm just curious because I've seen little to nothing about that in the forums, maybe it's just unique to my board or board line
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