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I'm workin to build my first new Gaming rig since my last one in 2004. Since then my money has been tied up in school and other hobbies, and I was busy transfering to a new school and my time in the Military.

Anyway I've been doing a ton of research, glazing over forums, articles, reviews, news, etc, to learn all I can on the latest tech, best build configurations, price and performance, etc. I love to teach what I learn to others, whether its from my military experience or my counter terrorism class I just got out of. In this case its computer tech. I'm no Intel Engineer, but I want to provide everything that I have learned and am learning about what is out there.

So if theres anybody interested I'm centralizing all of my research and findings into a Blog

I hope you all can enjoy. Experienced enthusiast are very welcome as well to correct me on anything information I am incorrect on as well as post suggestions from personal experience, as I hope to learn from this blog as well. I don't pretend to know everything but will do everything I can on posting only the accurate information I have verified, not assumptions.

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  1. Nice start ;)
  2. if you can edit your blog you should probably change hard drive to storage drive since hard drive refers to platter based drives whereas storage refers to both platters and SSD's.

    And if they go out looking for a high GB storage drive nowadays and they come across ssd's they may be surprised at the price.
  3. Thanks, good idea. Edited the blog post :)
  4. Proximen: lmao at your avatar, i saw that on the news, im still laughing about that haha!
  5. Halfway through my articles on the basic PC components, a good place to start when learning about the different components in a PC.

    Next I plan on beginning articles on what is he current tech standard in a PC, such as the Phenom IIs and i7 CPUs, and the differences between them. These articles will be completely unbiased and objective, and I'll post a variety of benchmarks from reputable websites (including as Toms Hardware).

    The last segment of the blog (thinking about turning it into a website, my first) will be my personal opinion based on all of my research.

    Of coarse the primary goal of this website is to educate new system builders as much as possible so they can make he most educated decisions when building their new gaming computer.
  6. The series of articles on the basics of PC components is finished. Starting tonight or tomorrow I'll beginning posting articles on the current component tech and comparisons between them, such as Intel and AMD, using a variety of factual information and benchmarks. Hope this helps!
  7. A couple things:

    You'll need to go back to school on PSUs. You've overlooked some of the most important factors... don't worry about it, PSUs are extremely complicated and it can take many hours for the average intelligent geek to really get it all.
    Have a look at the stickies here:

    And while there have a look at the very high quality reviews that happen there, done by someone with a lot of knowledge and the right equipment.

    Secondly, you should include voltage in your list of memory factors.

    It's looking good over all ;)
  8. Oh I know I left a lot out on PSUs, as a matter of fact I left a lot out in every article I've posted thus far. So far I've just gone over the very very very basics, so someone who is just getting into system building won't be overwhelmed and can digest the information.

    Right now I'm working on the more in depth guides to the different component technology that will cover what is available now. The PSU article is definately going to take me some time to go through, and I also have a variety of online guides im going to hotlink as well, including the one you posted.

    No worries, I'm going to get to the important stuff, I definately wouldn't recommend somebody be ready to build a new system based on the information I've covered. Not yet anyway lol.

    But thank you for the feedback, its always appreciated :)
  9. So far I've posted the more in depth stuff on PSUs, GPUs, and CPUs. After I realized just how long the articles would have to be to cover everything, I then realized there were already several excellent guides to PSUs, and excellent sites for CPU and GPU benchmarks, no reason why I would have to re post these things.

    Instead I went over everything that is vitaly important, but posted the links to the guides and review sites, along with suggestions and key things to keep in mind when comparing products.

    Let me know what you guys think!
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