Raid Controller Raid 5?

Hi, I'm pretty new to the whole RAID configurations closest I've came is RAID0 two 1Tb hard drives.

I'm thinking about buying several 2TB hard drives for a RAID5 configuration. Doing some research I found out i need a hardware RAID controller. I was wondering if anyone could mention one that has atleast 8 ports. Since i wanna buy atleast 5 hard drives minimum,

I've only really got a $500+ spending limit.

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  1. I personally have a bad experience with RAID 5, and that was after investing in a 5 HDD QNAP system. All was good, until the system itself failed (I think it was the mobo inside). It happened just after the warranty expired, of course, and because of data striping, I lost almost all data. I use RAID 1 in a Synology now and never been happier. If that fails, at least I can recover the data off any of the discs.
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