Asus mobo for low budget PC???

Hello ! Guys,
Please help me find the right kinda mobo for a low budget PC which fits the specs below;

1. LGA775 Intel® Core™2 Processor Ready

2. Chipset Intel® P45

3. No onboard Graphics

4. 5.1 Soundcard

5. Other Basic features

Thanks in advance ! :hello:
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  1. You can use asus, but I liked my old asrock p45 ts-r; newegg has the ts model for around $75. Asrock is an offshoot of asus.
  2. How did u find the Asrock "Instant Boot" feature ?

    Well i haven't used any boards beside Asus so am sticking to my usual old taste.

    Any help on those model nos. guys, help me out.

    Have been checkin @ Asus website but its pretty hectic to google every model no. for price.
  3. The asrock instant boot feature is featured on their website. I had to flash the bios to get the new feature working on my board. For asus, checkout the newegg reviews of the p5Q-turbo.
  4. Thanks for suggesting me P5Q Turbo, but my budget is bit lower than $100 for this mobo.

    This board comes with lot of unwanted features which i dont use at all . These are esata ports, 8.1 channel sound and S/PDIF Out. I don't want to waste my money there.

    Any other models subtracting the features above ?
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