hello i got a problem, i have just got a new proccesor, amd phenom 2 x6 1100t, and a asus crosshair 4 extreme motherboard, core temp, occt and aid64 tells me that the cpu cores are cooler then the cpu and even cooler then the water in my system :heink: , i want to know if this can be true and if this is true which of the temps should i take into account when oc'ing

my system

cpu: amd phenom 2 x6 1100t
cpu cooler: koolance 360 water blok
motherboard: asus crosshair 4 extreme
ram: ocz gold 1333mhz 8,8,8,19,31 1t 4gb
ram cooler: 2 x koolance ram 32 water bloks
nvidia gt260 896mb aircooled
750w psu
1 x triple 120mm radiator + fans
1x triple 140mm raidiator + fans
2 x aquastream pumps

thanks for any reply :)
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  1. I just built a PC with a Athlon X 3 440 and the core temps are lower than the room temp, I don't think this is possible but I think they are always lower than the CPU temp on AMD chips (they are on all 3 of the systems I built by 7-12C). I have always gone by the CPU temp when overclocking but I have always unlocked cores which disables the core temps anyway. Hope this helps.
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    The temps that you see in programs like AID64, HWMonitor or Coretemp have a ~10ºC difference of the real temp.
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