Broken Sata Port

I just installed my new hard drive today. In the process the plastic bracket around the wires for the sata port is still there. Is there a way to recover any data? Each of the pin is still there.
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  1. if you just installed it today why would there be anything on it needing saved?
  2. You mean the one on the HDD? As long as it can be detected and you can copy files on it, you can recover the data but you said it is a new drive so what's to recover for?

    Anyway it is not advisable to keep it that way (broken port) because it is not safe, it will do more harm than good.
  3. I broke the end on the hard drive, I had all the pieces, I put it together and used hot glue to keep the cable in place. I have not had any issues with the drive for at least 3 years and I moved over 1500 miles with it in the case.

    As long as it can make contact with the cable and can see the drive you will no problem. It can not cause any harm if it is seen and does not get banged around. If you move the computer a lot it could cause a problem of coming loose.

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