5850 BSOD

Overclock my card 850/1000 with stock voltage..
Everything went well 1 hour with 3dmark06 and
online/offline games for hours..But,whenever I play youtube or anything related
to flash player I got BSOD..Does that mean my OC isn't stable?
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  1. Did you test it ? , check temperature your. Gpu n Cpu .
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    i have got BSODs sometime too when watching youtube videos while OCed, turning the GPU to stock fixes it.

    its strange because my OC is stable and all. i think its something with the drivers or maybe because the idle clock is significantly higher if OCed.
  3. Take a close look at what your clocks are doing while watching that youtube video. I know for my 5850, it drops the clocks to 400/900. Stock is 765/1125, and my overclock is 950/1300. For some reason youtube (I havent checked other flash sources) really messes with the GPU clocks.

    Personally, I have not seen any decreased stability.
  4. tested it with 3dmark06 for 1hr and games for 2-3 hours

    temp for playing games for an hour
    CPU +6-8 due to 2 unlock cores

    Got same situation with Derbixrace
    so i just need to reset the clock evrytime i use flash?
    well,tnx 4 d help
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  6. yep thats what i do, everytime i go to youtube or watch some flash video i turn it to stock :)
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