SSD related issue.

At the suggestion of other people about having my operating system on my SSD, I moved my c:\users to my other drive using

robocopy /mir /xj


rmdir /s /q

then i use

mklink /j

Every program is working fine except adobe reader. It is getting runtime errors. I think it has to do something with the physical address of my appdata folder.

I used for reference. I cannot find a solution to my problem.

Any ideas?
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  1. Some programs have registry info, and can't be simply moved. Move the stuff back, then uninstall it.
    reinstall, directing it ti wherever you want.
  2. Have you tried just uninstalling and then reinstalling reader?
    Its not like it is a large file to download so this should be real quick.
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    The problem will people and SSDs, is too many want to absolutely "baby" the SSD, by moving this and that off the drive to a SLOWER HDD.

    Use the drive for what it is meant for: FAST access times. Leave all Windows files/settings on the C drive. Wouldn't you want the fastest access to these files?

    There is ALOT of stuff in the "Users" folder, as I'm sure you noticed. Most of the files/folders are hidden, like the Temp. Internet folder.

    Have the OS and Programs on the SSD, Data/Media on an large HDD, and backups on the huge HDD.
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