ATI 4890 help

ok... so i finally narrowed it down to this card.....

the ATI 4890 1gb DDR5 card..... upgrading from 4850 512 DDR3 on my gateway i7 processor pc

Now... guys i need your help.... i wanna spend less than 300 bucks for a new card.... im just having trouble with the different brands out there ... xfx diamond ect..... whats the difference between these card... when i went to some cards had different core clocks and memory clocks... ( example # Core Clock: 1050 MHz # Memory Clock: 975 MHz and another had... # Core Clock: 925 MHz # memory Clock: 1050 MHz )

so i dont know which direction to head..... i just want the best card,,,,for the money.... im playing COD4, crysis, company of heros.. ect... please help guys.... thanks!!!
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  1. If you've got a crossfire board just get another 4850
  2. If you can afford a 1GHz card, I'd go that route. If you can find a XFX card (double lifetime warranty, amazing support), go that route. If you can find the new XFX 1GHz card due out any time, you have a winner.
  3. I got my XOC 4890 w/ default setting 925core/1050 mem.... I run it at 950core/1050/mem with no issues. I have check it on crysis at 1000core/1050mem with no issues. I would say that my results are specific to my setup. I may have been lucky with my card.

    You can tweak the two clocks to find a stable setting for your card.

    The core clock is the speed of the GPU. The memory clock is the speed of the frame buffer(1G DDR5).

    Higher GPU speed has a better impact than higher memory speed. Below is a reference done by ANANDTECH on overclocking 4890. It differentiates the impact of overclocking GPU and Memory.

    I got mine on sale for $229.... No premium charge for the XOC version for that day..
  4. jyjjy said:
    If you've got a crossfire board just get another 4850

    thats what i was thinking.... how would i know i my board had crossfire? also... dont u need the same exact card that u have (same brand and make) like i know u need another 4850 but can it be any 4850?....

    i have a gateway fx 6800 01-e pc.... i dont know if it can... i think it has another video port,,,
  5. Almost all i7 boards are crossfire capable. To make certain open the case and look at the port the video card is plugged into. If there is another one that looks the same then you can crossfire.
    For crossfire you just need any another HD4850.
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