Replacing Case Fans + Adding PCI fan - HELP?

I currently have Zalman 9700nt cpu fan, 4870 512mb gpu, 9550be amd cpu... not sure if it matters but like to add that in ;)

I'll need powerful but quiet Case fans. One for the back, one for the side and one at the front.

What I'm thinking is the most air flow would go in the front, maybe not but thought it would effect the GPU fan or CPU Fan.

Not sure if its worth it or not but should I get a PCI fan for the graphic card? If so it'll take more air which I'll need a fast one for the side?

I need a pro for this to figure out please.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Like to add that I have Apollo NZXT case
  2. Well,,,if it were me I would get rid of that zalman thingy,it is like a manure spreader spreads heat everywhere inside of your case instead of out the back,get a radiator type cpu cooler pushing to the back so the rear exhaust fan can do their job better...:)
  3. Right now I'm just worried about the 120mm fans and vga fans (Would like to know what vga fans do and for what)
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