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Hello, Cloning question: I have a three year old HP desktop with two 500 GB hard drives in one RAID 0 array. My C: drive is showing 456 GB free of 921 GB. My D: recovery drive--I guess this is a partition?--is showing 1.24 GB free of 9.91 GB as it seemingly has shown forever. I just bought a 2TB WD Black Caviar internal hard drive and mounted it it a ANTEC case with my plan being to clone my current hard drive, OS, apps and all, hopefully, to the new 2TB drive--then swap out the old hard drive(s)and insert my new 2TB drive in my computer. Problems: I tried cloning my internal HD to my new 2 TB drive (in the ANTEC case connected to my PC with a USB cord) using Acronis True Image Home 2011 but keep getting message box saying make sure my destination drive is larger than my source drive etc., which it of course is. I called WD for help but they said they do not support putting their internal drives in an external case. Not being very tech savvy,I did not realize that my 1TB RAID 0 array was actually two 500 GB drives using up both available hard disk slots in my computer and making my plan to put my old internal hard drive in my external ANTEC case problematic since I actually have two 500 GB drives instead of the one TB drive I thought I had. Sooo...can anyone tell me the best way to get my current internal RAID 0 array cloned to my new 2TB and then get that drive to be my new internal OS drive? So sorry for the long post--I wanted to be clear. richkuy
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  1. What Operating sys??

    In general, You will have a problem with a "Plain jane" cloning as this would result in a Non-bootable New drive - Driver issue (see Below for explaination). It can be done But you may need a more expensive program (May be able to do it on a one time bases with a 15 day trial version) I would look at the Acronics web site forums. If no help there I would use their internet chat feature. I did a google search "clone Raid0 to single drive) and there were several threads on their websit - but must be down as could not access.

    Extract From Some what dated (2008)
    Please notice that changing from a RAID to a single drive is like moving a system to a different hardware (depending on controller used). The resulting system may fail to boot as it lacks necessary drivers.

    Acronis solution for transferring of a system to different hardware is Acronis Universal Restore. Acronis Universal Restore technology provides an efficient solution for hardware-independent system restoration by replacing the crucial Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and mass storage device drivers.

    Note that Acronis Universal Restore is a plug-in for corporate versions of Acronis True Image and in your case we would recommend that you use Acronis True Image Echo Workstation.

    Acronis Universal Restore is used with image archives and you can find basic instructions on how to use it here. Detailed instructions can be found in the Acronis True Image Echo Workstation User's Guide.
    End Quote
  2. Thanks, Retired Chief! (I work for the USAF, myself :-) My OS is Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I have been browsing through the Acronis forums but did not see my specific problem discussed. I have seen references for transferring a system to different hardware but didn't realize that applied to me. Guess it does since I'm trying to go from a RAID 0 to a one-hard drive solution. I will try to educate myself on the issues you have noted. I am overseas so learning how to pull this off myself is more or less my only option. Thanks again for any advice..

  3. Look on the web site under support and see if you can find there online support (comes up as a chat window).
    I used it about a year ago. My first intro into cloning. I need a program that would clone a Windows 3.11 Scsi drive. Ended up puting the scsi card in my win xp (old system), connected the two scsi drives and using Acronic cloning tool cloned the scsi drive. Then I tried cloning the 2 gig Scsi drive to an 8 gig SLC SSSD (win 3.11 has a 2 gig HDD limit) - surprise, it worked.
  4. I've had good luck using the WD free software in the past. I'
    m not sure if it will see the WD drive while its in the usb enclosure though. worth a try.

    By the way you may find that you had higher performance with the two 500gb drives (depending on what they were) than with the single 2TB drive.
  5. Thanks, Retired Chief and popatim for your suggestions. I am currently waiting to hear back from Acronis--since their chat isn't operable on the weekend, I sent them an email with essentially the same question I posted here to open this thread. It appears I have gotten my self into a tricky project--trying to clone a RAID array to a single disk. We'll see whar Acronis' advice is. I too downloaded WD free software initially and when that didn't work, I bought the full version of Acronis True Image Home 2011 thinking it might do what the WD free software wouldn't. But I suspect my problem is the RAID-to-single disk issue since I got bottlenecked at the same place in the full version of Acronis as well. Gee, there is a lot to learn for an old codger (63) like me! :-)

  6. Hey, your a spring chicken, I hit 68, even went back to work (causal time)
  7. you will need th acronis plus pack to work with raid

    Have you tried xxclone? I'm not even sure its still around but I used to use it a few years ago.
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