Power supply or GPU failure? *Updated 7/30*

Okay guys I have a question. My girlfriend's computer won't turn on. She has a Gigabyte P45 motherboard with an Intel Q6600 CPU, a XFX PVT98GYDLU GeForce 9800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 GPU, 2x2GB of G.Skill DDR2 1000mhz RAM, 640GB HDD, and a DVD burner in a Raidmax case with 3 fans. Her power supply is an Antec 500W PSU. Upon powering the system, the LEDs on the motherboard light up for a second and the fans for the CPU/case move for a second and then it shuts down. She's only had it for approximately 6 months and everything is stock clocked, no overclocks nor mods(except for Arctic Cooler 7 CPU fan) in any part. Does anyone have a solution to our problem? Thanks in advance.

**UPDATE: So testing one part a time from just mobo+cpu, then adding one stick of RAM, the system worked perfectly. As soon as the 9800GT was added in, the system just shuts down right away. When attached to motherboard and unplugged to power supply, 9800GT seems to at least partially function because it has a red LED indicating lack of 6-pin power connection. After opening the metal plate on top, the fan has stopped squeaking and I've removed most if not all the dust inside.

**So the GPU was faulty. Sending it back to XFX for a replacement. Thanks for the help.
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  1. first i would unhook everything then re hook it back up
    second i would get a friend with a good PSU and try to see if his works
  2. Well we've tried the unplugging and replugging idea, but we'll try finding someone with a good PSU. Anyone else have an idea?
  3. You could try unhooking everything, then only the bare essentials, ie: Mobo, 1 stick of RAM, CPU, VGA and PSU, rest should be unplugged. If it comes on, switch off and add something, when it stops coming on, you know thats the faulty part.
    (Think this is what mindless728 ment)

    In my personal experience would be PSU or Mobo.

    I know most ASUS and newer Gigabyte mobo's dont come on if something is not working correctly (for example: front usb cable that has a short somewhere)

    Does the PSU pass the smell test?(strong smell of electrical burn would be a fail)
  4. @ N@n0, we have tried unhooking everything and having only the bare essentials, but we haven't tried only having one stick of RAM. I also checked to see if the PSU smelled, but it didn't.

    @jsc, thanks for the list of boot problems, but I've already checked it.

    I haven't been able to find someone who is willing to lend us a power supply yet, so I bought an Antec 750W power supply I was planning to for my build and test if it is her power supply. Thanks for the tips guys.
  5. bumpity bump bump :hello:
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