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Title pretty much sums it up. I bought a new Zalman cpu fan and installed it. After that I went to boot up the computer and everything was fine till I got a "CPU Fan Error" during boot but I hit F1 and just skipped it. Computer is running fine, idles at 27c and load at 45c, but I noticed I lost an unlocked core when I did the fan installation. I have a Phenom II x2 560 B.E. I believe (its the Phenom 2 core at 3.3ghz), and when I first built the computer I was able to unlock all 4 cores. Now though, I only have 3 cores... any ideas on why this may have happened? Problem with how I installed the new fan maybe?

Also on a side note, the Zalman was a 3pin connecter and my MoBo has a 4pin cpu fan connecter so I just hooked it up in the chassis fan pins. Could that be the problem???
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  1. The CPU Fan Error you got was that the mainboard didn't detect a CPU fan. This was because you had it connected to the chassis fan connector. It did not cause your problem, unless somehow the BIOS disables a core when it doesn't detect a CPU fan. Just plug the CPU fan into the correct connector and give it a try. That is highly unlikely to fix it though.

    Unlocked cores are not guaranteed to remain active. They may have been locked for a good reason in the first place. Unless you are anal-retentive about checking your cores on a daily basis, it's more likely that the core failed earlier and you just happened to notice it because of your fan upgrade.

    If you really think the failed core is due to the new install, then un-mount the cooler and take the CPU out of the socket. Check for bent pins on the CPU and debris in the socket. Re-seat the CPU and re-mount the cooler. Boot into BIOS and re-check your core unlock settings. Save and exit, then boot up normally. Check and see if the fourth core is active. If it is, great. If not, you have a failed core.
  2. well can I connect a 3pin fan to a 4pin cpu fan connecter? Sorry I am a little new to building a pc, this was my first. But I do know that the core failed during the installation and not before. Every time I boot up I get the ASUS screen with the option to boot to bios, and all the other option before it actually boots the OS. On the bottom it even shows how many cores are running and after the fan install I had lost the core. I'm about to tear it apart and redo the fan installation but idk if that will really help. Not too worried though as everything is running smooth and cool as is, just curious as to why the core might have failed. Bad thermal paste job maybe?
  3. Yes, you can connect the 3 pin fan to the 4 pin header. If you removed the CPU from the socket during the process, you will need to go into the BIOS setup and re-enable the core unlocking. On a side note, you might go into BIOS and make sure it's still enabled.
  4. The screen may show all that info, but it's there and gone quickly. Do you really watch it every time you boot up? I know I don't.

    No, a good/bad thermal paste application wouldn't affect the hardware like that. It would affect your temps, but not the failure of a core.

    I really hope the setting got reset in the BIOS. If not, you're down one core, and the second previously-disabled core may also fail permanently on you. Then you're down to the CPU you actually bought. lol
  5. Nah it all worked out fine in the end. I booted to bios and just manually switched the 4th core back on and it runs fine now. And the 3pin did work when I plugged it in to the cpu fan connecter so now I have my other fan hooked up and running as well. Just need to work on the wire management and this thing will be great. I have idle temps at 29-30c and load at 43c tops. Beats out the stock by a solid 12c which was running 55c consistently with all 4 cores unlocked.
  6. So you didn't try turning the 4th core back on BEFORE you posted on the forum??
  7. /facepalm
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