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I'm trying to install a microphone on my system. Seems easy enough except for the lack of a port to plug into. My Mobo (Asus M2NPV-VM) has a SoundMAX onboard card with 6 channel HD audio output. The problem is, I'm using a 5.1 sound system that uses all 3 outputs for the 6 channels.

Here's what I don't understand...why does the setup software try to configure a microphone when it's in 5.1 mode if there's no other port for a mic? What the heck am I doing wrong to make it work in quadraphonic mode? I disconnected the center/sub channel and plugged in the mic, but I still get nothing.

I tested the mic on another machine and it works fine. I'm just not familiar with the SoundMAX software.
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  1. I've just been reviewing the specs for the Mobo at ASUS's web site and found that there is a front panel audio connector. It's not labeled clearly on the board, but in the docs it's called AAFP. Anyway, I should be able to build a rear panel jack to get this working. Thanks.
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