Curious about i mess something that i don't know about my procie

few weeks ago i wrote some of threads in here to deal with my newest desktop, something about overclocking and sort of that! and over this week...i'm little curious about my desktop performances to run games and programs graphic such as maya, poser, 3D max with almost finished works from office.....suddenly it crash!?? over this three days makes my days seem sucks, that i cannot finish my works in here, got to find more powerfull desktop that i have and all the games i have i have to reduce all graphics res, colors, etc......and also settings from Nvidia control panel i have to set it to performance NOT quality..........i don't know what the prob'.....( in case it do broke....i have the insurance from all parts and desktop that i buy-so will get my buut to that store again )

i wondering that.....what if i check with cpuz and look..............the core speed playing upside down from 800.5 mhz to normal 3000mhz ( does supposedly to do that?? that some kind of automatic set? ) why that the core speed don't stuck on 3000mhz just like the procie said? i have athlon 2 x2 250

help me plis......this week it sooooo in hell, got whop in the office, cost more money to do work in outside....this new desktop is my saving....if you know what i mean, please help what do i have to do or set my computer to more stable...........

please spare me with all computer languages.....i nearly don;t know much techician about BIOS or something like give me newbie tutor ok??
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  1. Try disabling cool and quiet in the bios.
  2. last night when i check both inside BIOS and the hardwares with tutor of windows 7 and computer cpu dead and left my monitor black with word no vga signal....

    this morning when i checked again with better senses....i try to pull VGA and try onboard VGA and it WORK........plan A success. after that what if i'll try inserted again the VGA.....and thanks god it works again.....

    last problem that previous look like i weirdly set the core speed in BIOS in auto that why they upsidedown all the time....and about the mobo i have.....i have MSI 740GM-P25 (incase you knew they have easy switch for OC)......i'l try two experiments.....and what do you athlon 2 x2 250 goes 3.0mhz goes to 3.6mhz.......HAUHAUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHAUHAUH......I SALUTE TO MSI THIS SWITCH IS VERY2 MAGIC CHARM....anyway!! what if i want it little bit higherlet say 3.8 with standard desktop with no custom cooler OR is there any side effect with easy oc switch from MSI ( precaution from MSI said if you any set of easy OC switch get some crash during operation you should set it to default) in my case i did'nt get that fine....any solutions or any good idea will be good for me.....thank's for the simon
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