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My router reports 480 active ip connections, 15 of which are mine and 465 of which are my cousin's. I think all those connections are for my cousin's torrent program, Xunlei, which she probably leaves on 24/7. Meanwhile, the router is at 90%+ CPU usage and 70% total memory (97% of free memory). When she claims that Xun Lei is off, there is still 70-100KB/s upload traffic from her computer and 400+ active ip connections. Surprisingly, there is no download traffic. That makes me think her computer might just be part of a botnet.

I don't mind her using torrents, as long as she only does so at night. The problem is, she will coyly agree and eventually sneak in torrents. I'd hate to check up with her every time she opens up a torrent (I notice immediately). What can I do to ban her P2P traffic during the day or get around this problem? I read that Xunlei will use ANY open port. I was thinking of blocking all of her ports, besides the ones that are necessary to browse the internet, get on MSN, send email. Should I look into a new router, since my free memory is at 93-97% usage all the time?

DD-WRT v24 SP1 micro
11 mbps download / 1.7 upload when using speed test
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  1. I'm using dd-wrt micro also , v24 SP2 micro. Under Access Restrictions in the options there's a little area with "Blocked Services". In the dropdown menu is an option for xunlei. Maybe you can try that? But I assume she'll be pissed if you block her program.

    But really, torrenting when others are trying to use the network is crappy on her part. I know my roommate and I both work fulltime so I torrent at night (and he usually streams his content). But I've told him many, many times that if the network is slow, it's probably because I'm torrenting and he can just yell at me to turn it off. No problem.
  2. The only problem is that Xunlei will use ANY open port and will find open ports to use. We found out that it was a program called PPLive on her computer. She used this program to watch videos, but didn't realize it was a P2P streaming program. So, whenever she closed it, it was still uploading the video she watched. This is why there was no download, but a high upload.
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