Will a BFG 9800gt oc fit in these low end cases?

Right I know this GPU is about 9 inches long which isn't too big to be honest but its not exactly small the cases are very low end, this system is for a friend of mine and he doesn't really care about the case but also he is on a budget of £550 but i'm sure i'll convince to get a better one at some point but here are the cases:



I know these aren't amazing but like I said above low budet and he doesn't care lol :P.

But hey and suggestions but first i'd like to know if the card will fit.

Hard drive cages etc are like 6 inches right?

So some room?
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  1. you can probably make any GPU fit in any case, you just have to be willing to do some modding to make it happen. Sometimes you have to remove the HDD cage and stick the HDD in a drive bay intead, although you can probably fit the 9800GT inside of the drive bays to make it work.
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