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I just bought a new WD HD500AAKS SATA2 and i want to attach it to my mobo with SATA1 port. My current config: pentium 4 3GHz HT, 2GB DDR2 533Mhz, HD WD1600JD SATA1 160GB as u can see, with WIN7 on it.I want to use a new HD fos storage and i need guide how to attach it properly.I checked and there is no jumper on my ne HD to limit it to SATA1.I know how to attach SATA and power cable,actually i need guid how se do settings in BIOS and how to formati it and make partitions,and how many?I was reading some postst about i have to do it over Disc Mamagement or i can boot Win7 from my CD and formati it and cretate partitions...Have to mention this is DELL OPTIPLEX GX280SMT with A008 bios version.Worry because i dont have jumper on my new HD to limit it to SATA1...Just want to ask You before i try to put it inside my comp.THANKS!
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  1. I've found a jumper...:-).What,u don't want to help me?
  2. No one is under any obligation to help you at all, if you want instant help then you might be better off with a paid for helpline.
  3. What r u talking about :-D. Who said that is someone under any obligation...Take it easy ;-). I'm going to do it on my own and will let u know. Not u! B-) joking...
  4. Zdravo svima,
    Hope this will help someone...After placing jumper on pins 5&6 and my drive into the comp. i made BIOS setup...have to enable SATA2 port. After that i boot up my comp as usual.New drive didn't show up in My Computre so u have to do following things! Please read this:
    So far so good! Now i'm doing some tests. That's all folks!
  5. <applaud> see you didn't need help after all. :-)
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