Hi i have come into possession of what looks like a PCI graphics card with HDMI, VGA, Ethernet and USB b connections. However i cannot find anything that matches this on the internet and i cannot identify the hardware. The pci card has a detachable part with what looks like a 1gb cpu. IBM is printed on it! Help needed!!
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  1. Sounds like space age stuff...a 1gb detachable cpu? wicked

    A gpu shouldn't have usb or ethernet...

    No seriously...take a picture off it or give us some model/serial numbers...come in a box?

    If there is any kind of names on it as well that would be good to know...
  2. No dint come in a box... someone at work discarded them and i thort they'd be worth something. I will post photos asap as i'm at work. It doesn't look like any graphics or video card i've ever seen. Rich
  3. I love nabbing discarded hardware....one mans trash is another mans server/gaming pc.....
  4. Maybe it's some kind of remote control card that you can found in servers. They have video + ethernet to take control from network and you can plug a monitor on it.

    Probably the recent ones have HDMI + USB.


  5. Hmm...all i see is the word server...which means it might just be worth something to someone
  6. how do i upload an image?
  7. sounds like a remote controller card.. like the Remote Insight Board from compaq.

    They are little computers which can control the Server remotely if it has a hardware failure.

    Or it might even be a blade server.

    if it has detachable memory slots then its a blade server.

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