Calling all tech heads.

First off, id just like to thank toms hardware forums for the major information iv added to my knowledge thus far, a great source for n00bs from experienced people the like.

Ok, ive upgraded my pc from ground, massive overhaul on a very tight budget and I think ive done a pretty good job.

Specs: p5q se plus, p45 £10 amazon says £150
e5200 wolfdale @ 2500ghz r0 revision, stock from old pc
4gb ddr2 pc6400 about £40
msi hd 4850 £47
wd 640gb hdd from old pc.
zalman 9500 hsf £13
corsair tx 650w £54

so thats the spec...This is my first overclocking attempt, yes im a n00b but im a quick leaner and very fast at picking things up.

This is what ive got ocin so far.
strap to NB and the other which I cant remember ive set at 33/100.

bus speed 365 x 10@ 3.65

5-5-5-15 1:1

cpu volt 1.3

NB volt auto

spread spectrum disabled


cant get a stable at 3.7 what can I do to push this chip further, I feel like my knowledge and experience to further this oc is stopping me right here, can you guys help me out please? any info ive missed out you can request and i shall fetch.

whats your views? remember that this is my first oc so take it gentle with me if i am a bit thick and ask millions of questions. I might also add that I cannot find a way to change my ram ratio currently at 1:1, is this HT that im trying to find but cant in bios? Also in advance chip setting on left hand side it states...etc etc ram and related parameters but only NB options available and there is only like 2 and i think one is about plug and play OS.


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  1. UPDATE:

    OK so im impatient with regards to replies and i know its 12:05 but maybe i was being a woosee?

    so changed my multiplier to 11 and bus down 350 thats 3.85ghz and gave her lil more vcor now at 1.325... running sandm stress for 25mins just to see if shes going to hold that first, thats at 100% load. 6mins in she peaked at 50c but at idle shes as high as 35 is this normal?

    forgot to mention that I have 3 yate loon 120mm fans on a Asgard chassic tower. came with intake as stock definitely sucks at about 40 or 49 cfm i cant remember and only runnin 1 yateloon as exhaust until i get my 3pin splitter.
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