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Hey guys,
Alright, I don't think I've had two fat power connections on a card before. Do I need to connect power to both for a single card set-up. The quick guide that came with the card is useless because it shows some old generic card from two years ago.
Only reason I ask is I've seen setups where they only connect power to one of them, why is that?

I'm having a few issues with boot up but so far everything works without the card, was tracking down any possible issues.
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  1. Yes, both connectors must be used, those responsible for some of those manuals should have their feet tickled with a feather until they say sorry.
  2. Thanks for the info! Yeah, sometimes I wonder if its for SLI or something but I'll connect both...
    since that's not the issue. I bet the ram wasn't seated or something lame. I'm going to fire this back up.

    I think the card in the manual might be a Fire GL or a Voodoo looks that old..thanks Asus :)
  3. Also...what I love is they present the card as something you can tweek and overclock but don't give you indepth info on the card. I guess thats deniably if someone bones the card.

    ON a side note....
    never try to build a PC after midnight, it won't start...haha, never does. I took everything out this morning and just put it back together one peice at a time and it runs wonderfully now typical :)

    Again, thanks for the clarification. I was feeling uneasy about that much power going to the card as a single configuration, but if it needs it, it needs it.
  4. and another big thank you from me! Asus documents completely useless, Asus tech site completely useless let's
    hope the card isnt!!!

    Happy now i am! :bounce:

    Mike J in th UK
  5. So both power connectors on the card need to be hooked up to the PSU? Even though just one 6-pin power connector cable (with connectors for two PSU cables) was included with the card?

    If that's the case, it's nothing short of brillant on the part of the supplier. I don't have a spare cable lying around.

    It is certainly not working right now with just one connected. Depending on which connector I hook my one cable up to, I get the fan going or not. No video in either case.

    Grateful for any advice. Cheers,
  6. Nevermind. After a closer interrogation, Google revealed that yes, both connectors do have to be connected and no, ASUS did not see fit to include the necessary cabling with the card. No PCIe power out of my PSU by default, so until I can get a cable I'm out of luck.

    (Please insert colourful expletives aimed at the last three generations of ancestors of whoever at ASUS who came up with this brilliant idea here.)

    Thanks anyway, if for nothing else then for the moral support. :)

  7. sounds like you need a newer PSU, most of the current set of PSU's modular or otherwise come with PCIE power connectors as standard, although one point is the one I have only has one PCIE, so I was lucky they supplied a molex to PCIE adapter with the card ( 2 x 4 pin molex to 1 x 6 pin PCIE) but you can find ones with the required 2 PCIE outs.
  8. Just got a Gainward 260 GS with an equally out of date instruction manual that shows a card from ancient times that bares no resemblance to the card in the box.
    This incompetence seems to be infectious.

    Anyway, thanks for the info on the PCIE connectors, I was pondering whether I should connect both or not.
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