Asrock 775i65g strange startup

I am reposting here since I think it's more related to the motherboard and bios than the cpu
I have a pc that was working fine until recently. What happens is when I first turn it on from a cold start I hear the fans and I see the power and the led lights come on the all of a sudden it goes off no lights no sound from the fan than after about 4-5 seconds it continues booting as if nothing happened. All this happens right at the beginning before there is anything on the screen

Did anyone come across this problem ?

If I shut it down and restart it it doesn't do it only if it's been off for a while and even then it's only once in a while so it's not consistent
It's very strange
The motherboard is an Asrock 775I65G with an Intel cpu running at 3.46Ghz

Just to recap what I have done so far.
I changed the cmos battery which did not fix the problem and I don't believe it's a power supply issue
I installed a diagnostic card and when it resets it's always at code 13 (hex) so at least that part is consistent
I believe I have narrowed it down to a setting in bios that I haven't seen so far in any other pc's I have built
It has Ami bios rev2.90 and this setting is located in the chipset configuration and it's called
"Full reset if ac power loss" It has two settings Disabled or Auto

Does anyone have this particular motherboard and this setting and know what this setting is used for ?
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  1. My first guess is a short or a loose connection. It's worth taking the cover off and carefully pulling out and pushing back firmly every single wire, memory stick, cable, etc., taking care that everything goes back where it was before. This might help.

    My guess on the setting that you mention is that, when power is interrupted, you can chose between the computer turning off or restarting. One other possible outcome with a short or loose connection is a crash of one sort or another but you can't control those with the bios settings :sweat:

    I'm using the same motherboard on this PC with obvious physical damage to the USB ports. It often restarts when I plug something in to a USB port. I reckon that I will only solve this issue properly when I replace the motherboard but, for now, I am using a couple of USB extension cables to avoid touching the box and I am not using the worst USB ports.
  2. Hello,
    I appreciate your reply
    I am quite sure I don't have any shorts on the motherboard
    As I mentioned this condition can be duplicated since it fails at the exact same step of the bios boot sequence
    If it was a short it could happen at other times like after it already booted but I never had any problems after booting

    Since you said you have the same motherboard and if you can go into bios you will see that there is a setting in the chipset configuration"Full reset if ac power loss" It has two settings Disabled or Auto
    When it's in the Auto mode I have this problem This happens after the pc is off (not standby ) for a few hours or a day
    It doesn't happen every time . Sometime it my go for a week without a problem and than it could happen every other day
    or even twice a day if the pc was off for a while but when it happens it alway happens at the exact same place

    Currently I have it set for disabled and I haven't had any problems since over a month now
    I could say that this is the answer because it hasn't happened since but I am not sure since I am not familiar with that setting and what is it supposed to be used for

    Many people including the tech guy at asrock are confusing this setting with the one for the power reset setting
    That is in the API configuration I believe and the settings are ON or OFF. That's the one that will reboot the pc after power loss if it's set to ON

    This setting I am talking about has the settings AUTO and Disabled
  3. If it's working ok for a month on that setting, you should leave it at that. I wish my problem were similar.

    When I were a lad, you were lucky to get through an afternoon without a computer crash. The only people who could sometimes manage a month without a problem were the people who didn't download games, screensavers and the like. Those were the days.
  4. Well that is still the case since I don't download any games (most are way too large to download with dsl never mind dial up) and who needs screensavers I usually turn the pc off if I am not using it
  5. So, was this the solution? I have the same problem. I turn the PSU switch off as it makes a high freq sound when the pc is shut down. Seemingly randomly it resets the bios. I just today noticed this option in bios. I think this should be!
  6. is your cpu on the Asrock cpu support list for the 775i65G ?
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