Can I change this motherboard/CPU out with something else

I own a HP Slimline s7620n that has an Intel Core Solo T1350 processor. Here are the specs:

I would like to swap out motherboard and CPU but am not sure if I can. I think that it says I need to get another motherboard with 775 Socket, is this correct and any recommendations?
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  1. Your best bet is a cpu upgrade. Starmicro has the SL8VQ core duo t2400 for $48 for the bare cpu only. The t2700 is also available for $170, but that's a poor price/performance deal. The motherboard you have can't be changed out easily; a standard micro atx board may be too large for your case. A mini-itx board will be limited in the choice of cpus; most are slower than your current cpu.
  2. Thanks, for the response and is any soldering required for this CPU upgrade or is something that it is plug and play?
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