I just purchased a new SATA WD HDD and I am installing Windows XP Pro. When I insert the CD and start the installation, I am asked to hit F6 in order to setup my SCSI device (if I don't, then my HDD will not get recognized).

So it takes me to a menu where I insert my mobo-supplied floppy disk, and asks me to choose one of the following SCSI Adapters for my installation (I shortened the list to only relevant choices):

-VIA RAID Controller (Windows XP)
-VIA ATA/ATAPI Host Controller (Windows XP)

What is the difference between these two? It almost seems it should tell me RAID vs non-RAID, or ATA vs SCSI, but not RAID vs ATA. I only plan on using the one HDD in my system, so I don't need a RAID configuration. On the other hand, if I choose the ATA/ATAPI option, will my system run on an older/slower controller? I am unable to find any relevant literature on the matter.

(My Mobo is a VIA P4V88. It supports PATA and SATA HHDs, however, it does not include an option to use the SATA in a non-RAID config, unlike the newer version (I purchased a second one of these mobos two months after the first))
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  1. Well it turns out that the Windows setup will not allow the use of the ATA/ATAPI Controller. Guess I am sticking with the RAID one after all.
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