Anyway to change the XP Pro start menu and make it like the XP Home st

Is there anyway I can change the start menu in XP Pro and make it function(not just look) more like the XP Home start menu? I am particularly looking for a way to make the all programs pop out on the right with more pages added as additional programs are added. The XP Pro start menu on the other hand is more like 98, as more programs are added a scroller gets added to the bottom. I would like to change this.
Thank you.
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  1. By default XP Pro has the EXACT same start menu, but many people change it to look like Windows 2000. To change it back, right click on the task bar, then select the 'Start Menu' tab. Check the top box to use the XP default start menu, then click Apply and then OK.
  2. As I said the looks changes, but the all prgrams menu still opens in the same way. My older home start menu had a pop up that would come to the far right of the menu and would keep getting pages added to it as more programs wer installed(even if three programs were on a column it would display the full column and not just the three programs)
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