XFX ATI HD 4890 Black Edition

So its coming in the EU on the 20th of May..

1Ghz Core.. shud kick ass ;)

any ideas what HSF it has? whether its stock or not..?
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  1. :O out of topic..

    on their website they state it supports PhysX and CUDA? :S i thought that was NVidia only?

  2. That thing is a beast.. I would assume the Cuda is a type-oh.. unless XFX really did a number on some drivers themselves.

    I continue to wonder why the stock 4890 was so damn slow.. Every single manufacturer is releasing 1ghz cards. That is as far removed from the 4890 as the 4890 from the 4870. They may as well be different cards..
  3. with a non-stock cooler you could push it as much as the 1Ghz versions i would guess.. even with the stock cooler maybe
  4. EDIT: Just had a talk with XFX, they told me they are using the reference PCB, but their own HFS, created by Zalman or Coolermaster.. for any1 who is interested ;)

    Now ive got another question.. would the Sapphire ATI HD 4890 Atomic (Vapor-X non-reference PCB), OC even more than this baby?
  5. I'll just wait to see which one is the cheapest pre-OCed card. 1 GHz seems interesting if I crossfire this stuff...
  6. Imagine how high these will overclock when shrunk to 40nm.
  7. who knows?..
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