Computer Case, and Avg. Temp SLOVED

I'm looking at getting a new case, (Full ATX) and I was considering this one...

but after looking at some reviews, it seemed kind of sketchy.
Any ideas for a Full-ATX tower?

(preferably around $130)

and lastly, I wanted to know if the below temps are normal for an idle load.

Hardware monitor AMD Athlon II X4 620
Temperature 0 29°C (84°F) [0xEA] (Core #0)
Temperature 1 29°C (84°F) [0xE9] (Core #1)
Temperature 2 29°C (84°F) [0xE9] (Core #2)
Temperature 3 29°C (84°F) [0xE9] (Core #3)

Hardware monitor ATI Radeon HD 4770
Temperature 0 42°C (107°F) (GPU Core)

Hardware monitor ST31000520AS
Temperature 0 25°C (76°F) [0x19] (Assembly)
Temperature 2 25°C (76°F) [0x19] (Air Flow)

Hardware monitor WDC WD1600JS-60MHB1
Temperature 0 44°C (111°F) [0x2C] (Assembly)
Temperature 2 44°C (111°F) [0x2C] (Air Flow)
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  1. Your temps look fine other then the WDC is a little off but well within acceptable range.
    As far as a case goes full size HAF 932/942
    i've seen them much cheaper then newegg has them currently listed at.
    Also don't overlook the HAF 922 or Corsair 600T which are cavernous inside and listed as mid towers.
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