Why does memory seem to be rising in price lately?

My friend asked me to get some Ram for his computer, I've used this ram before its very fast cool and stable but its 20 bucks more then it was in August. Is there any reason for the rise in price?
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  1. Supply and demand. Memory is treated like a commodity on the stock exchange. When prices are too low, some companies don't survive. Prices are going up as demand increases. I remember standing in line to buy a 4 MB stick of ram for $100, which was cheaper than anything else at the time. That was about 15 years ago.
  2. The first memory I bought that didn't come with the system was a Seattle Computer Products 128K memory board for the original IBM PC. It cost $1500...
  3. I will just buy it anyways the difference isn't that big
  4. Read this earlier this year, due to the economy and the excess inventories ram manufacturers stopped production. They waited till inventories reached 20% from the level they were at. This caused a perceived shortage, lower availability, higher prices. They all did this as a form of survival, interesting how competetors get together sometimes.
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