Wondering which PSU to get and also future proof

Hi all,

Currently my system specs are:-

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 @ 2.66Ghz (stock)
Corsair 2 x 2GB DDR2 RAM
Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L MOBO
512MB Radeon HD 4850
Pioneer DVD-RW drive
1 120mm case fan
22" LCD Screen
Antec TruePower II 550W PSU

Basically my goal is to play at 1680x1050 resolution which is native to the 22" screen, preferably with AA.

I'm considering on upgrading the PSU (and video card - probably GeForce GTX 275) and want my PSU to also be "future proof" and be able to handle the next generation of DirectX 11 cards that will come in the near future.

For this, I'm thinking about a good 850W PSU, and just wondering if you guys think that 850W will be enough for any single gpu configuration now or in the future.

The PSU's I was thinking about are the Corsair HX850 and Antec SG-850. These 2 PSU's seem to come highly recommended...just wondering, given my current config (with the addition of one more HDD soon) will 850W do the trick? and what you guys think about these 2 particular brands/models of PSU?

Thanks heaps for any advice and recommendations!
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  1. An efficient 750W PSU can already handle the latest cpu+mobo, 2 cf 4890s or 2sli'ed 275's, 2-3 HDDs, a case with multiple LED fans, and anything extra added to the case. 850W might be overkill for what you have + future upgrades. Just be prepared to have at least one or two 8-pin connectors for your graphics card(s). Although the DX11 cards from ATI are supposed to use less energy, you never know if they will require just 1 8-pin or continue with the 2 6-pin cards.
  2. A 650W PSU will be sufficient for a single GPU. Get the Antec SG-650 if you want the best; has actually been tested up to 870W. Reviews are at jonnyguru.com, and I believe hardwaresecrets.com. The only limiting factor on it is the connectors; it only has one 6+2-pin and one 6-pin PCIE connector, but you could use adapters if you wanted to run a pair of cards that need 8-pin plugs or that need two PCIE power connections.
  3. ^+1 about size, but get a corsair, seasonic, pc power & cooling

    Corsair 750TX about 110USD @ newegg
  4. if you plan like me, for a 10 year future proof system, get the corsair HX1000w, even if it losses 70 % of its overall capacity in 10 years, it would still be a kicking PSU

    not to mention it is one of the few models with solid state capacitors, they are usually the first ones to go on an old, quality psu (not a new shitty one tho, the other parts usually head out the door first on those)
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