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So I built a pc a few months ago with an i7-950 and decided I wanted to mess around with overclocking. I have heard Intel's stock coolers are garbage so I wasn't planning on doing anything extreme. Before I even started overclocking I did some stress tests on my cpu with prime and realtemp. To my surprise at stock speeds my CPU rose to 96 degrees Celsius after only a minute of 100% load and hovered above/around 80 degrees at loads between 35-50%. I'm guessing this is not normal for a stock i7, and I'm really concerned about using any programs that stress my cpu now. Could there be something wrong with my heat sink or are the i7s just meant to run hot? My case has plenty of airflow so I know that's not the issue.

My Build

Antec 902
Asus x58 Sabretooth
6b DDR3 Memory
Asus GTX460
WD Black HD
OCZ Agility 2 SSD
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  1. Yeah that's way too high even for a stock heatsink. I'm guessing it isn't seated properly. In either case, I'd ditch the stock HSF and get a good aftermarket cooler and some Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease or equivalent
  2. I built a similar system recently. Same CPU & Mobo & same RAM from what I can see. I have a GTX570 and a coolermaster case. I was getting 35-40C idle and up to 83/84 full load at stock settings. Yours sounds very very high.
  3. I agree with Rusty. I use i7 950 and ASUS's sabertooth MOBO and my stock temps were low 40's when idling, 60's playing games, and high 80's when stress testing with Prime 95. I have since then switched to an aftermarket cooler (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus), and the full load temps have dropped to low 60's. Of course, this also depends on the ambient temperature around the computer.

    I would suggest you change to an aftermarket cooler. Your temps do appear to be a bit too high.
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