What happen when all file in C: are disappearing

funny thing happened, after clicking the pop up window(trying to close it but ended up activated), my start menu program all gone , under C: I can't see anything but files /folders are definitively there but hiding.after using spyware and anti virus search and destroy some threads, it shows start menu programs but not actual program execute logo. what is happening? and how can I get back all files?
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  1. Hi,

    Some malware infections will hide all the files and shortcuts on your computer. To make your files visible again, download Unhide to your desktop.

    Once downloaded, double-click on Unhide and allow it to run. It will remove the hidden attribute on all files and attempt to restore Quick Launch and Start Menu items to their proper location.

    I hope this helps you,

    Source: http://www.selectrealsecurity.com/malware-removal-guide
  2. Hi, you are infect Data Recovery virus.
    Data Recovery is a rogue system optimization program which comes from the same family of Master Utilities fake computer optimization Tool. Once your computer was infected with Data Recovery, it displays a scan to show you some sort of imitation of a system check for potential dangers and errors and hard disk error, critiacl hdd failed. And lots of your icon on desktop will be lost, files, shortcuts was missing once Data Recovery virus was activatived. Still all programs from startup will also be lost or corrupted. You will get fake alert as PC Performance and Stability analysis report by Data Recovery.  Rogue Data Recovery can then aggregate your information for marketing purposes, aim to get your money or bank card information. Data Recovery is just a big scam, most people got it from finshing email or malicious websites. Get rid of Data Recovery is not easy by virus removal tools. You must uninstall Data Recovery virus threat manually to make your computer from threat. HELP.....
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