Screen resolution issues after installing Win XP sp3

I have recently reinstalled windows XP pro on my machine. All well and good. I wanted to ensure updates were received, so I had to install WIndows XP Service Pack 3. After I had installed the service pack, I was unable to change the screen resolution or number of colours. All OK before this.

There is no graphics card as such as the monitor port is directly connected to the mother board.

I have no connection I can add a graphics card to. What can I do to be able to change the screen resolution again?
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  1. Your PC manufacturer should have the drivers for your onboard video card and everything else on your motherboard. Go to Start - Settings - Control Panel - System - Hardware Tab - Device Manager, you would see uninstalled drivers as a question mark, malfunctioning/wrong driver as an exclamation mark and disabled as red X. You do need to install those drivers before going any further.
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