WD2001FASS "Elements" Ebay SCAM: What to do w/mine.

I got a new RETAIL 2001FASS, from what I thought was a reputable seller (100% blah blah)... Turns out that almost ALL of the "new" FASSes on Fleabay are nothing but WD ELEMENT EXTERNAL drives, which carry a limited 1yr warranty, AND that's VOIDED if taken out of the POS plastic, NON-VENTED enclosure.

But the saving (almost) grace is that you can add an extra 2yr warranty (so long as you didn't "remove" :non: :pfff: ) to the drive for a mere $25 on WDs site. I checked the serial# and it's eligible! So if you're as "lucky" as I was and get it SHIPPED for less than $120, you're getting a $180 drive (minus extra 2yr warranty).

For me this totals to about ~$140 (based off what I paid) for 3yr warranty, and I've gotta keep the POS enclosure if I never need to send it back etc.

So what do you think I should do, (being that I just got the drive from auction 3days ago, so I CAN return it to the mofo who neglected to tell me about the external part)...

Should I:

1) Return the drive to the mofo and tell him "WTF?" and complain to fleabay about this huge omission in details, esp since the drive IS "technically" VOIDED bc it was removed from the box?

2) Flip the drive the same way as I got it? :kaola: (They are selling like hotcakes too!)

3) Keep it + the case, upgrade the warranty and be happy with a TOP drive, 3yr warranty and $40 off MSRP (-2yrs on the warranty)?

This burns me up that people are allowed to get away with this; I'm more PO'd about the WAIT time bc I'll have to either get a NEW drive and blow $180, or keep this + upgrade = still gotta do a full sector sweep for baddies :cry: :fou:

Thanks all...
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  1. I have been using Western Digital products since 2005 I haven't killed one yet but I would say it is a very good product.

    Advice: Keep it, the least upgrade the warranty (2yrs).
  2. Thanks a lot for replying man; yeah I think once this surface scan get's done; I'll ask WD (using a pseudonym) about the warranty conditions; bc apparently if you OPEN the case and take the drive out = VOID. So I'll have to play really stupid or just blatantly ask and then split.

    I think it's BS people are pulling this assumed warranty bait'n switch; fooling people into thinking they're getting a NEW INTERNALLY intended, 5yrs warrantied drive, when in fact they are getting a drive (usually) with NO WARRANTY bc it was pulled lol. I posted this on another forum and people are questioning and hating on ME, the victim, hahaha fscking loons man. I GOT RIPPED OFF, wtf do I have to answer about wtf some clown said what they said; it was a slick scam, anyone could have been hit. "New drive," OKAY COOL I'm buying it... "Whoops wtf is this in the box, an external case, HUH?!" ANYBODY.

    Thanks man.
  3. Quit crying. He sold you a drive for less then retail. Most likely the description told you it was removed. If you didn't do your home work, that's your problem.

    I've never had a WD drive not last over 5 years, and I've had lots of drives.

    When the drive does die it will be obsolete, and there will be something better/cheaper.

    If the guy is 100%, he will try to help you out. A reputable seller has to take care of the noobs like you to keep their scores good.
  4. Noob... lmfao, yeah you buy something that is listed as XYZ and you get shipped ABC, then claim it's the purchaser's fault? Normally I wouldn't even bother replying to such tripe, but since I'm feeling in a sporting mood; GO TIME!

    Lets break down just how simple-minded you really are: "Most likely the description told you it was removed. If you didn't do your home work, that's your problem. "

    WHERE DID I STATE (please quote me verbatim) that there was ANY mention of external/pull in my description; I did NOT, thus your stupid, trolling arse is merely that, posturing with nonsense and trash talk. Nice attempt, but it's obvious you're just another clown on here hating and talking BASELESS trash. Apparently your reading comprehension skills vs your deluded imagination are cross-talking. Give it a rest hating dork. I'll screen-shot the FULL page description if you really care to show case your better-than-thou aptitude?

    Quit crying. He sold you a drive for less then retail.

    "Crying," haha nice attempt at down playing the situation. The drive has NO WARRANTY if it's a pull, genius, thus it being cheaper than retail is MOOT! Paying retail 100% assures you of the FULL WARRANTY; thus listing it as NEW, which he did... omg I'm not going to explain, you're too dull... HELLO anyone home, HELLO!? Lmfao this is fun... You're really showing some brain power now! Are you still living with your parents; awww, how long have you been away from home, huh? :pt1cable:

    Got to laugh at your "type," someone that mocks others bc of fraud, which you seem to applaud? You couldn't say anything in person bc you'd get your glasses knocked off, kid... BE QUIET keyboard-jocky, lol. It's sad... these forums are infected by panty-stains just like you; hating and talking trash, with little to zero merit to your name.

    Thanks for replying; log back into facebook and learn some new material. :hello:
  5. ...I give up! THG forums are a joke; most of the time it's just trollers and hating kids on here... rarely is there a real IT-pro in the house to help other pro's... :pfff:

    Staff... you guys need some serious moderation or a new marketing campaign. It's a waste of time to even post here; even simple questions are left una... bah for get it. :hello: :fou:
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