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Hey, all, I recently re-installed Win7 last week (C partition was formatted) and came to the realization today that I didn't copy over my wife's My Docs. I used GetDataBack, but couldn't get the files, and then another program (can't remember the name off the top, but it touted its ability to recover from formatted partition) which found the files and I was able to recover all her xlsx and docx files. Unfortunately, all the docs state that they are corrupted when I try to open in either Word or Excel, even when using the built-in repair option. I dl'ed another program that supposedly can repair Excel files, but that was a no go. So, is there any way for me to get back these files intact, or a way to repair the corrupt ones that I recover. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. One of the main files I am trying to get back for her is a chart that she mapped out which has detailed information on every class she'll be taking for the next few years... ugh...
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  1. You could go to and see if there is a disk editor/software that might help,you might , just might be able to get back those class files at least ,, maybe..:)
  2. your files are probably corrupted -- i bet.

    some tools might help but they may also restore files which are corrupted.


    My idea is that you restore corrupted files, and then repair them with some repair tool or ask some expert to repair them manually.
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