Problems replacing asus a7n8x-la mobo

i am replacing a mobo asus a7n8x-la like for like swap an have hit the compaq screen up with bios or system recovery options,then i got the message wrong boot device in rebooted this time i got the screen xp home edition or xp recoevery.clicked on xp then blank screen for i rebooted an got into bios went change boot options then it frooze.rebooted with xp disk was being read but nothing happerned?????
am confussed what did i do wrong?should i of reset the cmos settings?did i configure it wrong an cause an irq i need to reinstall xp?????
please help!!!!!!!!! thx
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  1. I would try to run format on HD from command prompt as long as you have the XP disk , start with deleteing old partion and use disk to make new one then at least you have a clean install..
  2. thx for the reply.i was going to do that but it kept freezing on me.i replaced a mobo today an the xp booted up ok.but i resetted the cmos jumpers this time.i think if i would of done that on the asus mobo i think i wouldnt of had the problems i did.thx again for the reply.
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