Best Single Vid Card for 28" / 1920x1200

1) In your opinions, what is the best Single Vid Card for 28" & 1920x1200 resolution? (Any Price)
2) Same question, but in the $300-$350ish range.
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  1. GTX 285. Best for that money range.
  2. Yeah - I have 2 EVGA GTX 285 SC cards arriving today. There are a lot of flavours out there now - FTW, SC, OC, etc depending on the pre-overclocked speed the manufacturer has set the card. I would definitely get one of the 1GB cards.
  3. I went with the GTX 285. Nice card. I can run full on everything so far in max resolution (1900 for my monitor). Haven't tried crysis yet, from the benchmarks I've seen, I'll have to go down to 1200, but we'll see. I can always see if I can OC it.
  4. Hey, I don't mean to hijack but is the monitor more system demanding if it only has a bigger size? For example, would a 28" 1920X1200 monitor be more of a system hog than a 24" 1920X1200?
  5. Do you mean in terms of energy or in terms of performance.
    Larger screen will pull more watts (generally)
    but resolution and AA and AF are all that really count when it comes to how much graphics power are needed (of course it always depends on the game/app as well)
  6. I just meant in terms of performance. Like will the bigger screen hog more resources than the smaller screen even though they're the same resolution.
  7. Nope it won't because the resolution determines the pixel count that the graphics card has to render - and hence it will be rendering the same amount of pixels at 1920 x 1200 on a 22 inch as on a 28 inch. As long as these are both native resolutions of the screens - there should be no difference.
  8. It IS more resource intensive I've noticed. If you count your money as a resource :) The larger screen makes you want to use the best resolution you can.

    Otherwise no. Your vid card doesn't care what size the screen is, like nerrawg said the resolution determines how many pixels need to be processed by the graphics card. And the effects (affects?) of course.
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