Upgrade to SLi 7600 GTs in 3 yr old system for gaming

Hello All,
Just discoverd this forum, appears to have a good community involvement so here's my inquiry; I would like to upgrade the video cards but having ignored the progress of video cards for a few years am not sure which way to go.
I run 7600 GTs in SLI with an AMD 64 X2 2.0 GHZ CPU on an ASUS M2N SlI Deluxe board with 2 GB Corsiar Mem, 500 W Antec PSU.
I borrowed my son's 9800 GTX+ cards and, wow. But my PSU couldn't take that kind of abuse for long.
So what do you suggest that is somewhere in between? I would rather not upgrade PSU but could if need necessary.
I use dual LCD screens (22", 19') and play NASCAR, GTR, GT Legends, DOOM3 MOH and COD series and Red Orchestra type games.
Thanks in advance for any feedback

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  1. GTS 250 is basically the same as 9800GTX+ but not as power hungry. MY guess would be that a single card like that would consume less than the two 7600GT´s.
  2. Get a HD4770, costs less and almost beats the GTS 250, in some games it does and for a bonus, its even less power hungry. Edit: that's assuming you're not going to SLI. You're cpu will likely bottleneck SLi'd cards in most games.
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