Phenom II X3's

I am planning on running two gtx280's.
The issue with that is the position of the pci-e slots on the mobo. I want them spaced far enough so i can put accelero fans on the cards. The only boards ive seen with pci-e x16 so far are the x58's and mabye a few other ones that have the space....and they run an intel chipset :cry: But anyway, i just love amd/sli's :pt1cable: Less i can pursuade myself to run intel :non:

The question is: I am planning a new build and was wondering if the new phenom II x3's will bottleneck my SLi'd gpus?

I have a few answers in my head, but i am wanting YOUR feedback ;)
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  1. here is what will take care of both your needs:

    that is a great board. got to play with one for a few days with a 955. handles overclocking well and runs the AM3 CPU's. Nvidia did a better job with the nForce boards for AMD than they did for the Intel 775's as far as heat and stability.
  2. On stock air, I have OC'd my x3 710 to 3.3ghz stable on prime95 for 4 hours error free, overvolted by.025. The temps are ok, never breaking 45 during gaming, but as high as 55 during prime95. I will be going aftermarket on the HSF soon because of this, and I am hoping to see 3.6ish as others have claimed :D. In the meantime, I undervolt by .025 and run at 3.1 (also stable on Prime95) and never saw over 50 during torture test, and low 40s during gaming.

    I saw massive gains on my 4870x2's peformance from these overclocks, as I have left the card stock. My OC'd 4870 512mb (810/1050) ran a best of 15083 in 3Dmark06 with my x3 710@3.3. With stock CPU clocks, my 4870x2 would break 16k, and at 3.3 I saw a high of 18507. A friends rig w/ i7@3.4 and dual 48701gb breaks 20k, so I figure I am doing quite well. :D

    My gameplay has benefitted accordingly, and am just using the synthetic benchmarks as common medium. It might be a bit of comparing apples and oranges, but at least it demonstrates that multi-gpu setups can scale well with PheII OC'd triple cores.
  3. shite i forgot to add, i wanted DDR3... Will the bios updates supply the DDR3 change with the AM3 chip on that mobo correct? And Jofa, that sounds awsome! I am wanting to put the build towards gaming. The build i have now, i am just gonna hook it up to my Television and use it for entertainment (i.e. music, movies, and prolly fux around with some games..). I have had my eye on that board because of the ability for the nforce/sli and the space on it is perfect, considering the aftermarket HSF for the gpu's are not much bigger than the normal... i havnt really compared the difference in measurements of the fans, but with that much space it should be fine. I blew up my old board, m2n-sli deluxe, cause i kept having to "softly jam" my cards in there heh.... makes me kinda laugh cause i also fit a creative SB xfi gamer in there too. meh can you say HOT!!! :fou: POOF SMOKE FROM THE IDE connector! took out majority of my board. :lol: :pt1cable:

    My buddy kinda persuaded me into the trip cores, 1. The price / 2. Quads not really needed unless doing major graphics, in which CoD4 modern warfare 2 or L4D2 prolly wont need much processor.

    Current build:
    Case: CM 690
    MOBO: m3n72-d
    CPU:Phenom x4 9500
    GPU:evga geforce 8600 gts 512mb x2 sli'd
    RAM:2gb x4 Corsair Xms2 800
    PSU:Thermaltake toughpower 1kw

    I plan on changing the PSU when i decide what i want in my new build. So far i have:

    CASE:Azza Solano 1000
    GPU: GTX 280 x2

    ::edit I think i got around 14k or 15k on 3dmark with my current rig and the 280's sli'd
    Maybe i should sell the GPU's and wait for new :heink:
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