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Drag and Drop files COPY rather than MOVE

Is it possible within Windows 7 to make files "copy and paste" by dragging and dropping, rather than "cut and paste"/"move".

Currently if you have 2 Windows Folders open and you drag files across, it moves it (cut and paste) rather than copy (copy and paste). And if possible I would like to change this default to copy and paste.

This link helps to explain it a little better:

I would like the first option (Into a folder on same hard disk) to do what the second option on the list does (The file is copied to the folder on the destination disk.)


I have already thought of dragging and dropping all the files I want, and then copying the whole lot from the new folder back into the original but this set up is to make life a little easier for my parents and this method I'm sure would just confuse them. Drag and Drop is the simplest method I can think of.
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    I use the right mouse button for drag-n-drop. When you release the right mouse button, a context menu comes up and ask if you want to copy or move the file(s).
  2. When coping to new folder on the same partition. Right clike (instead of left click) on the file to move, then drag to new folder. You will be asked if you want to copy, or copy and delete. Probably simplier than tring to change the default.
  3. Cheers :) Now to try and convince my mother its easier than right click copy right click paste on every single photo! hah!
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