How to check if gpu heatsink is cooling ram

I just installed a zalman vf3000 and the pcb is curving about a cm up and im worried its not hitting my ram but when i go into windows or play a game my gpu temps are 10-50c cooler than stock, how can i tell if its cooling the ram and non gpu parts?
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  1. If you can see a small gap that you answered your own question. This is very very common but you can take some very thick aluminum foil and try to fit a piece between the two spaces to fill the gap which will help in the long run.
  2. Couple things here:

    Where is the PCB bent? This shouldn't be happening; especially to the degree you seem to think it's ocurring. PCB can flex...doesn't mean that it SHOULD.

    RAM: DDR2 and DDR3 run relatively cool as it is...there shouldn't be any issue with RAM being hot. Your CPU or GPU will shut down before RAM will cause an issue. Normal case airflow should also take care of this for you.
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