Please help with overclocking q9450 on an Asus P5N-D

Hello, I am new here and was wondering if you could help me out with the problem I am having. I have a p5n-d (750sli) board. I am running gtx 275 sli and I just got the q9450 as an upgrade from E5300 clocked to 3.3mhz. So far I had no luck at running at anything but the stock speed. I have tried many different set ups that people have tried on the forums and nothing has been succesfull. I have 8gb DDR2 Ram. If you know what to do please help. Here or some options
Vcore - ?
Dram Voltage - ?
HT Voltage- ?
NB Chipset Voltage- ?
SB Chipset Voltage- ?
FSB Memory clock mode - ? (tried linked most of the time)
Memory Ratio - ? (tried 1 to 1 and sync)
Do I do anything in the chipset options?

Thanks for your help

PS. I have just tried
Vcore - 1.32500
Dram Voltage - 1.910
HT Voltage- 1.32
NB Chipset Voltage- 1.40
SB Chipset Voltage- Auto
FSB Memory clock mode - Unlinked (1600 for FSB and 800 RAM)
Memory Ratio 1 to 1
I also disabled all the CPU options where Multiplier is and I put 5-5-5-15 ram setting in the chipset menu


My Specs Are:
Windows 7 64bit Home Edition
Q9450 CPU
P5N-D Mother Board
Corsair TX 950 non modular PSU
Antec 902 Case
Xigmatek HDT-S1283 CPU Cooler with a the backplate mounting kit
DDR2 8gb of RAM running at 667.0 MHz according to system info from 3d vantage test software.
Temps are running right now at CPU1 56, CPU2 41, CPU3 48, CPU4 49.
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  1. Here is a cpu-z validation Scan info if thats any help


    I asked the same question on a different forum take a look.
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