Socket 775 Stabilizer / CPU Fan for ga-dq6-x48

I am struggling getting a cpu fan to fit into this tight socket 775.
I have installed a socket 775 heatsink or fan about 9-10 times *and uninstalled.

This one is killing me. Please help

I have a Gigabyte GA-dq6-X48 with a Thermaltake CL-P0370 92mm Enter CPU Cooler [...] uctID=2763 [...] 6835106085

Also, there are metal plates on some of the socket hole locations, so it makes some of the socket area rigid and some fexible - therefore I can generally get 2 or 3 holes in and the other just wont pop down in.

I bought a stabilizer kit, but its not clear exactly how to use it.

I need somebody who has tips on using the Socket 775 Stabilizer kit or who has this motherboard and can recommend a great cpu fan that fits in here with little trouble.
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  1. I've recommended these to a lot of people, and never had a complaint:
    I noticed that this is now a 'rev 2' item, and they have changed the mount - one would hope it's an improvement - the installation is here:
    and, as you can see, the tension to the block itself is maintained by a pair of metal 'spring-arms' on the block itself, that are attached after you fasten the (untensioned) mount plate...
  2. Thanks for the info!

    Anyone else have any experience with this board?
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    Have that board right now and it did seem that the fan was a lot harder to seat then other 775 boards I have used. Using a stock heatsink right now.

    As a note, mine would not boot with the Crazy Cool piece that mounts on the reverse of the motherboard installed.
  4. Wanna sell the CrazyCool? I've got a DS5, which is the same board, without the cooler. I gotta figure out if it'll be useable under my board, as I've currently got a D-Tek water cooler on the front, which has a backing plate - I'd likely have to do a little machining...
  5. Ack - just dawned on me - shoulda mentioned that - I've had a Freezer 7 on mine, with no mounting problems, and, as I mentioned - it's the same board...
  6. I got it on - had a buddy with tiny fingers help, lol.

    Good to go - thanks for everyones in put, I appreciate it.
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