New CPU Fan Won\'t Work!

Hi I thought my cpu fan went dead on me but it was the power supply instead so I replaced both and now I get nothing.

What went wrong here.
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  1. Did you plug the power cord into the wall and make sure your PSU connections to your motherboard were all seated properly?
  2. Yes i did all that still nothing.
  3. If the fan did not proceed and you were convinced has install him correctly, that was certain your fan already damage. immediately got that was new fan in accordance with your HSF, if you still use stock cooler that must be replaced by all (bundle)
  4. At first when this happen, I thought it was the cpu fan, so i replaced it with a one that would match the processor. It did not work then i found out it was the psu so i purchased a new one even better and still no dice. Then I put the old cpu fan back on it and still nothing.
  5. Cpu fan use pwm mode have 3 or 4 pin
  6. please be a bit more specific. what PSU did you get? and if you broke your PSU, it might've blown your fan or your mobo, if it was a crappy cheap PSU. what PSU did you have? does everything else work? do you get POST (the beep when you turn on your pc)?
  7. No beeps, I can how ever see the green power light so I do know some how it's getting powe.r I just don't see the cpu fan running. the old cpu fan worked fine , but when I replaced it with a new one it didn't spin at all. So I put the old one back on and now that's not working either.
  8. no beep , it mean your system cannot boot ..?
    you need , unplug Cable AC from power , Clear Cmos ,
    Check your RAM try in some slot different,
    check cable connection everything.

    what is your fan PSU spin....?
  9. remove all your ram and try them one at a time .... clear the cmos and try again .. its possible that if everything wasnt attached perfectly the first time you shorted out your board. But try that first.... Just to eliminate possibilities.
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